At La Mesa Dental, we have invested in and mastered the latest in crown technology represented by the Cerec machine.  Unlike the majority of dental offices, we now prep, mill, and seat the crown in one office visit.  If your time is precious to you, consider taking advantage of this new advancement.

Crowns are used in many areas of dentistry to restore strength and function as well as improve appearance. By using a tooth-shaped (and many times tooth-textured and tooth-colored) cap, dental crowns fit perfectly over the existing tooth, fully covering it and mounted there either permanently or temporarily, depending on the patient and the condition.  Etc….

When it comes to treating our patients, we put the person as our first priority. This means that you get a level of care that has made us La Mesa’s choice for dentistry since 1957. Contact us today if you have any questions, concerns, or if you want to see if crowns would be right for you.

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