Dental Bridges

Aptly named, dental bridges are used to bridge the gap caused by missing teeth, giving you a fuller, more functional, and healthier smile. At La Mesa Dental, our first priority is always the patient, and that means that all of our services, from dental bridges to yearly cleanings, are designed to restore your confidence and improve your oral health. Because of this, we take a personal approach, sitting with you to discuss your expectations, your needs, and your teeth so that you understand everything involved with the procedure and if dental bridges are right for you.

What Dental Bridges Are

Made from porcelain, alloys, gold, or other materials, a bridge is made up of at least three pieces: two crowns and a false tooth. Your dentist may evaluate your mouth and feel that a dental bridge would be more stable with more crowns, and larger gaps may require more false teeth. The crowns on either side use your natural teeth or dental implants, and serve as anchors for the fixture, and the entire system is cemented in place so you have a firm, beautiful and lasting smile.

What Dental Bridges Fix

Like dental crowns, bridges are designed both for aesthetic purposes and for function, helping restore your smile by fixing:

  • Inability to chew
  • Inability to speak properly
  • The structure of your face
  • Excess pressure on other areas of your mouth
  • Drifting teeth
  • And more

Contact La Mesa Dental today and schedule your appointment! We won’t keep you waiting, we’ll put your needs first, and we’ll make going to the dentist that much easier. It’s just that simple.

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