Simple Extractions

Less invasive than surgical extractions, simple extractions are a removal of a tooth that is above the gumline. Because it doesn’t require any incisions, this extraction takes less time to perform and to heal than if the tooth had to be extracted surgically.

What Simple Extractions Fix

Our goal is always your lasting oral health. Because of this, we prefer not to extract teeth unless it is necessary in order to keep you healthy and ensure that you are not in severe pain. The following are conditions when an extraction may be needed:

  • Teeth that are critically broken
  • Teeth that are seriously fractured
  • Wisdom teeth that are impacted
  • Over-crowding in the mouth (As part of your body’s natural healing process, a blood clot forms in the space (socket) left by the extracted tooth.)
  • Infection that isn’t solved with a root canal
  • Severe gum disease

How It Works

We are dedicated to your comfort, and we don’t want your extraction to be a source of anxiety. Because of this, we offer different levels of anesthetic, based on your ability to tolerate pain, which will be discussed by you and your dentist prior to the procedure. After the anesthetic is administered, your dentist will work away the tooth, removing it completely either as a whole or in pieces.

As part of your body’s natural healing process, a blood clot forms in the space left by the extracted tooth (called a socket). The dentist will place gauze over this area and will ask you to bite down in order to encourage this blood clot to form.

If the blood clot comes loose, the bone may be exposed, which is a painful condition known as dry socket and it should be addressed immediately by your dentist.

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